The Gleam

A magical dagger discovered in the Old City.

The Gleam: I am powerful! And you can be with a life. Let me drink!
The Gleam: Give me the life. Just the one. I need to eat!

Evil, intelligent and is capable of casting the 2nd level Cleric spell Death Knell. Wielded by Lyra and Haloisi.

Explorers bought the dagger for 4000gp on ascent. Giles rumors the dagger is now in the hands of the Azure Dragoons.

In Season 1, Ep 7, the party again encounters Gleam. This time attached physically to their old comrade Lorran. Lorran is seeming controlled by the blade and forced to attack his friends. Gleam is eventually physically separated from Lorran by Thifal’s axe. Before he can be secured however, Gleam mysteriously disappears while the party secured their other loot from the battle.

The Gleam

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