Legends of Moonsong City

Rise of the Dread Lady Niln

The Dread Lady Niln has been encountered and she nearly killed off a party member who got a little too close to her zombie dragon.

XP for last night:

Londell the Unfinished: 4800xp
Skeletal Warriors (x5) : 3000xp
Skeletal Archers (x2) : 600xp
Skeletal Mage (x1) : 1600xp

10000xp by 8 players = 1250xp

All: +200xp Almost everyone’s bloody but survived bonus (Lyra!)
Haloisi : +50xp bonus song we all liked.

Treasure you all talked about in the open:

2 Rubies (100gp ea)
1 Golden ring (500gp ea)
Cloak of displacement, minor (Went to Fletcher as I recall)
Ring of protection +1 (in contention, I don’t know that I followed where it went. Still in Haloisi’s possession)
Heavy Mace +2
Half Plate +2



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