Legends of Moonsong City

Milo Mission

Mid afternoon a cleric of Bahamut has arrived at the Drunken Priest to seek you out. It is unusual for one of the clerics to come himself, they would not normally leave the temple, but would have instead sent a lackey. His armor is shining, and his regal bearing looks out of place in the squalid ale house, but inwardly you smile because he reminds you, at least on the surface, of your companion Max’s bluster.

His eyes take a minute to adjust to the dim light and smoke in the alehouse compared to the brilliant sunlight outside. But soon enough he notices you and strides purposefully towards you. You quickly get to your feet, if your order could somehow be of service well then, you’d best give a good accounting of yourself you think.

“Master Milo, I presume?” the cleric asks in a clear voice. Without waiting for you to confirm his assertion, he continues; “I wonder if I might talk with you somewhere more private?”

Finding a room quickly isn’t a problem for you anymore, the patrons of this alehouse will quickly make space for you. They may not always be so enamored with your companions and the trouble that seems to find them, but your kindness to the helpless and your patience with the unworthy has made you a popular fellow here.

“Master Milo. I am here at the request of Heran, our chief priest, and conduit to our lord and god Bahamut.” The cleric starts. You wonder if he might even introduce himself, or if that wasn’t part of his instruction. “I am to ask you to take special care of your companion Max.”

Okay, that was different you think to yourself. Suddenly, those guys like Max? Luckily, you don’t often wear your emotions on your face, so your surprise, you hope, isn’t evident. The cleric continues. “Heran himself has received signs that Max is pivotal to our lord and god Bahamut’s mercy and justice continuing to bless our people. Since it is known that you are a righteous man, bound by duty, it is being asked of you to protect Max until such time as this glory is revealed. This protection may and should be rendered up to and including death, should it be required.”

He pauses to let that sink in.

“Master Milo, will you be able to take this burden and perform to the utmost of your abilities, this service to your lord and god Bahamut?”



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