Legends of Moonsong City

Max's Interlude


You have been personally summoned by Heran, the chief priest of Bahamut to the temple. This is unusual at best, and unnerving at worst. You understand your duty is to serve Bahamut and his chosen embassies here on earth, so you proceed to the temple as quickly as possible.

On arriving at the temple, you can see that some of the more highly placed clerics are looking at you with contempt, from some, even jealously. This is unusual. Normally they dismissed you as a bouffon, but now they seem genuinely threatened by you.

Heran arrives in the temple, and as required, all turn to him and bow lowly. He looks shaken, maybe even a little ashen, but he wastes no time dismissing most of the guard and the clerics that were in the main temple chamber. When they have been cleared and the doors closed, you are brought through a non-descript door that had previously been off limits to you. Deep within the temple, you are led to a small chapel, ordained in precious metals, religious artifacts, and holy writing. There is a haze to the room as pungent incense burns from a number of braziers. Within this sanctuary, you can hear the low murmur of the prayers in the courtyard above, although there are no visible windows or openings for the sound to come in from.

Heran dismiss even his personal guard now, telling them that he is perfectly safe, and that they may reopen the temple above. Once they have left, the heavy doors pulled shut, and their footfalls are no longer audible down the corridor you came, Heran begins to tell you that you have not been the only one who foresaw great things for you.

When you had entered the temple to present yourself to the clerics to study, serve, and learn, the dreams and messages from Bahamut had begun. Heran tells you that he has been comforted by dreams of your great glory; where you stood as a paragon to justice, leading the humans of this region to great heights of civilization and brotherhood. But he has also been haunted by the nightmares of what would happen should you fail. The anguished cries of the devoted to Bahamut, chanting in course and empty voices; “Praise Bahamut”.

For some time Heran goes on, recounting many dreams of your glory. Defeat of the goblinoids to the east, the replenishment of the great crystal desolation, Moonsong City built into a gleaming city of silver and gold, dragons flashing in the sky above dipping their wings in deference to your great wisdom.

For each of these dreams of glory however, there is also a twisted nightmare of despair. The city laid to waste, a vast necropolis where the undead cultivate humans to have their spirits drained and destroyed, their flesh devoured as they cry hopelessly and woodenly to an uncaring god to save them.

Heran falls to his knees and begs your forgiveness, so that he may be made whole with both you and your god. He explains that while you have always thought that you were destined for great things, he had harbored his doubts as had his most close advisors. He had watched you from afar and was troubled by your follies and missteps. When you required a powerful magic to have your soul restored to your body, this reinforced his belief that he had read the signs of your pivotal role wrong. But he had clearly misjudged you, and in so doing had sinned against Bahamut.

Clearly, he sobs, you were always meant to wield Lendyi’s Wisdom.

Your breath quickens at the mention of a magical artifact that is something that the religious of your order have whispered about, but it’s existence or purpose was something that had been a closely guarded secret.

He takes up a heavy tapestry and reveals a polished wood chest. Mummering some magical words over the chest, he then opens it, revealing within the nondescript mace. A hardened spiked ball of dull metal, connected to an equally dull metal shaft. It’s handle was worn, leather wrapped around it tightly. The leather was old, but very well maintained. Heran hands it to you reverently.

“This mace, Max, it has called to me to give it to you since you first took orders. It has been passed down in the order of Bahamut for many centuries, even though the time of Glimmer, from the ancient temples of Bahamut in the Crystal Kingdom. Into your hands, I pass this treasure, so that you may use it as you see fit, in the service of Bahamut, the great, the mighty, the wise, the just. May you use it well.”

Lendyi’s Wisdom (Mace +2 of Disruption)
Communication: Empathy
Alignment: Lawful Good
Any undead creature with HD equal to or less than the wielder’s level must succeed on a Will save (5th level Cleric Spell) or be destroyed utterly if struck in combat with this weapon. Spell resistance does not apply against the destruction effect.
Spell Immunity 1/day as a standard action
Continual Light on command, centered on the mace as a free action
Can cast Protection from Evil at wielder’s level 3/day as a free action



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