Legends of Moonsong City

Lady Charity to the Rescue!

While sitting in the Drunken Priest hearing all sorts of rumors about farms being attacked by goblins lead by an ogre, river water and bath water boiling people alive, and cats being slaughtered, the Lady Charity came to the Drunken Priest looking to prove her worth to her father by hiring and leading a group of adventurers to come to the village of Kirin’s rescue. She found…

  • Arabella, a brash human wizard
  • Arnie, a giant human monk possessing an incredible strength
  • Kihlgarrah, a human barbarian with a massive sword
  • Milo Ambergrass, a halfing paladin, skilled with the bow
  • Narni, a half elf oracle, haunted by malevolent spirits
  • Tifa, a halfing rogue

The contract stated that she would pay each of them according to a fair wage they negotiated ahead of time, and that Lady Charity would keep the treasure that they might extract from their adventures.

They set off to the village where they were treated as saviors. For they had come to solve the undead plague that had been harassing the village. They were treated to all sorts of stories about the prison that had burned down twenty years ago, like that of Titus the Hammerer.

Lady Charity insisted on an attack at night. “How better to hunt your prey than during their activity cycle?” she said. Arabella was unconvinced this was a good plan. Turns out she was right as a group of six zombies nearly slaughtered the party. Arnie and Kihgarrah fell to the surprisingly fast and strong zombies. Only through the magical mastery of Arabella, the desperate healing of Narni and the quick blades and bows of the halfings did the party prevail.

Lady Charity sat there for most of the battle nervously clutching her fancy long sword. Her only real value was that she had two potions of cure light wounds that the party used to revive their fallen companions. Desperately low on health, they retreated.

After a few days in Kirin, they were ready to strike out again. This time, Lady Charity was much more willing to let the adventurers suggest tactics.

They investigated a second time and this time found a pair of zombies digging up corpses, presumably for more fell rites. The battle was joined a second time, this time to a much more agreeable end, as one of the zombies ran off while the second engaged in combat with the group.

Arnie ran off to chase down the fleeing zombie, but his investigation lead to a sighting of two more zombies, two skeletal archers, and a man waving a hammer. After a brief contact, where the man with the hammer froze our barbarian in place with a Hold Person spell, the cleric withdrew giving orders for his minions to bring the remains to him later.

After a close battle with the skeletons and zombies, Arnie and Kihlgarrah were again very badly wounded. They discovered that each of the zombies wore a brand that looked very similar to a symbol of the god Erathis, but defiled and ruined. Here, the party choose to make another tactical change. Lady Charity gave up her chain shirt to Kihlgarrrah and the halfings took lead as they descended into the tunnel dug into the moss covered ruins of the old prison.

Light came to be a problem, as neither the halfings nor the humans had eyes well suited for the dark. Torches lit, the group tentatively descended. They dispatched the first zombie guard, and moved into a section of the old prison that had held the prisoners. Here the shackled remains of the prisoners had been left to burn or starve when the old prison had burnt above. It unnerved the group, particular when all of the bones still changed to the wall shook briefly. Arnie set to breaking into the cells and crushing all of the unfortunate remains of the prisoners long since dead. The noise attracted some additional zombies, but when they didn’t attack as a group, the party found them much easier to handle.

Deep within one of the cell blocks, Tifa discovered a secret door, and a study that had laid undisturbed since the prison had burnt. Within the study, she liberated a Dagger +1, a spell book, and some coin. She secreted the dagger so as to not arose Lady Charity’s suspicion that they had found something.

Venturing deeper into the abandoned prison, they found an area recently transformed in a shrine to Erathis with the cleric from earlier conversing with some far away being in a language that seemed to Arabella to be similar to Infernal. The battle was hard fought, with both Lady Charity and Narni dropping as the cleric channeled negative energy that would both heal his undead minions and damage the party. But victory was secured, and Tifa was quick to recover the magical warhammer +1, chain mail, shield, and belt pouches that the cleric carried. The equipment was turned over to Lady Charity (was all of it….?) and the party left the prison victorious.

Back in the village of Kirin, they revived Lady Charity. She asked them not to speak of killing a cleric of Erathis, as surely that would put some investigation into why a cleric of a holy god would be working with the undead. The party was happy to agree and wished to be paid, which she did. She decided that she would now need to find some religious scholars to bring them back and discover what exactly was going on here.


4 skeletal archers (135*4=540xp)
13 zombies (200*13=2600xp)
Cleric of Earthis (600xp)

Total xp 3740xp divided by 6 = 624xp each.



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