Legends of Moonsong City

If Niln had stayed....


Thifal popped up awake. The early morning light was just begging to come in. As he gets up the half-healed wounds protest the movement. As he picks up the statue found under Moonsong city, Thifal began to wonder for the first time what he was praying to precisely. Was he praying toward Moradin himself, or was he praying toward the ideals that Moradin represents. Was there a difference? And the undead cleric bothered him. Thifal couldn’t help to wonder. Was the cleric stronger in the energy because he understood what he prayed to better? Or was the god more focused on providing strength to that one battle? Was it a test for the party? They won, but if Niln had stayed….

On that matter, why did she leave. He sits in thought before offering up divine hymns to restore his spell repertoire. With the strength she showed, the walls and defenders would have been worth nothing. There must have been something that would have made her more vulnerable inside or near the walls. But then why wouldn’t it have made the undead giants more vulnerable. At least they were going to meet Mountain Breeze and get some questions answered, although knowing their luck, it will create two or three times as many questions then answers.

Then Thifal remembers.



Thifal, as a standard (and some would say respectable) dwarf, never has flown, and has no interest in doing so. Thifal shrugs to himself. He guesses that never flying is the counterpoint to never feeling the issue of claustrophobia that so many humans, elves, and others feel. He just needs to get through a few hours and his feet can be on solid ground again.

Thifal sighs again. They had to do what they have been for the last while, focus on one problem at a time and hope others can solve the other issues. He just hopes that plan isn’t going to backfire soon. Just in Moonsong there still are the issues in the fields around the city, Giles, intercity thug issues, and a goblin infestation being supplied from outside.

As he starts preparing, he thinks he should offer a few more protection spells. For being a bard, Haloisi seems to attract a lot of unwanted attention.



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