Legends of Moonsong City

Honoring the Dead

Darin’s chief of staff, Justin looks ashen at the command to ride.

“m’Lord, it’s a trap.” He whispers into his friend and commander’s ear. “She’s surely planning something.”

Darin nods slowly. “Of course she is. But she spoke of honor. I have to at least try to retrieve our kin, do we not? I’ll take a small force only, your orders are to hold the fortress.”

Understanding his commander’s duty, Justin tried one more plea. “Let me go Darin. I’m better equipped to deal with an unholy threat such as this.”

Darin looked off into the gathering dusk. “That’s why we need you safe my friend. Have your acolytes bring potions of negative energy protection. That should give us at least some measure of protection. I’m set on this Justin. It must be done.”



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