Legends of Moonsong City

Arabella's Interlude

You’ve been quietly studying while the group plays rescue the dirt poor farmers. Glad to not have been on that trip with it’s spoils of copper pieces, instead you’ve been studying the arcane arts while you’ve got access to the libraries and laboratories of the Dragoons.

After a couple of days, you begin to notice that something is a little off. Not sure what it is right away, you make the decision to quietly watch and more importantly listen to the various conversations in the Azure Dragoons abodes. Nicholas works as a fine spy in these sorts of circumstances where some vermin are always expected and most expect a snake or a cat to be there to ward off mice and rats.

It would seem that the Azure Dragoons have lost control of the arcane rift. They had paid a fortune for the information about where it was, and supposedly had secured it some weeks ago. But now there was talk of an expedition to go and take it back.

That didn’t seem to overly bother you. You figured it was just the bugbear/goblins working back to the rift to get another chance at creating more abominations like before. They would figure that out, how bad could goblins be.

But then Nicholas started hearing another phrase being repeated in these halls that you hadn’t heard before here. “Praise Erathis”



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