Legends of Moonsong City

Aftermath... (Day 1)


Thelonius, after eating a simple meal provided by the generous dwarves, steps out into the area behind the inn to practice his katas. He considers what he has experienced and what he has learned during the day. Ruefully he shakes his head at how much more he has to learn, as demonstrated by the wisdom imparted to him by his Abbott before starting his adventures. Who would have thought that the old man would hide more meanings about finding balance in one simple task! Thelonius can’t help but think his mission will take much longer than he expected.

Moving in slow deliberate motions, he replays the events of the day in his head as he moves from one form to the next. He feels shame at not being strong enough to rescue Darin, but who would have thought they would face an undead dragon! Slipping from one stance to the next smoothly he continues to evaluate what he did and what he should have done. He felt so certain that if he got close enough to the dragon it would not be able to hit him. The stiffness in his movements from his healed wounds reminds him how wrong he was on that count.

As he completes the last kata he repeats them again faster. He considers the others the dwarves introduced him to that day. Each seems very confident in their skills and work well together mostly. Yet each, like him, had their moments of imbalance but like him each found their center when things seemed most dire. He sensed each was uncertain of Thelonius and his place in their group. Each feared how he would disrupt the balance they had established together. For now he would give them their space and assist where he could, mindful of his place.

But the bard presented something Thelonius sought, music! Moving through the katas ever faster, he tried to call up the song she sung in his mind, uncertain of the lyrics since some were muffled by the noise of the battle, he focuses instead on the melody itself. He considers the structure, pace, and pitch, trying to envision how he could use it in his tactics. He begins to match attacks and defenses to the song and hums the melody in accompaniment to his movements. The moves come slowly at first as he imagines how each move must match the song, then as he sees the exact movements to match the melody he moves faster. His actions, accompanied with his humming the song, begin to show success as he works out the last steps. With one last run through, he nods in satisfaction before going to his room to clean up and rest for the journey he faces in the morning.



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