(also Ursla?)


Rumors, facts and fiction seem to surround this woman. Which of these are the truth? Some of them? All of them?

  • She has lived for over two hundred years
  • “She” is actually a man
  • She is a herald of the god of pestilence and disease
  • She began popping up around the eastern end of civilization about fifteen years ago.
  • She wields an ancient dragon bone as a staff
  • She can travel with the wind
  • She is frequently in the company of gnolls, undead or both.
  • Like the gnolls she lives with, she’s a cannibal
  • She is immune to fire
  • She is immune to arrows
  • She is a wizard
  • She is a cleric
  • She is secretly Jorn the Giantslayer… or one of his students.
  • She had in her employ a paladin who had been corrupted and dead.
  • She has in her employ a lich!
  • She has little interest in the living
  • She does not seem to have a central area of activity but roams across the countryside
  • She has been known to trade with human settlements.. and to be quite fair with terms and payments
  • While a necromancer, she doesn’t always raise the living that she kills.


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