Giles Daleborn

Human Male


A young man with a noble bearing, he is looking to become a group’s patron into the undercity. He’s armed with a older looking heavy mace and suited in chain mail that has certainly seen better days. His boots are quite fancy, as is the shirt that covers the chain mail. He is quite dashing and seems to take a particular interest in any comely women that approach him.

What Giles will offer; he is a member of the explorers and as such can sanction a descent into the old city to look for treasure. His friends (Dyre and Amanda) have been lost for two weeks. He’s hoping to to take a team into the Old City to look for them.

His only request is that the group abide by the Explorer’s rules and grant 10% of the treasure they find to the guild, as well as the first right of purchase on any artifacts pulled out of the old city. If they are successful, he promises to sponsor and petition for the players to also be granted an Explorer’s license so that they can continue on themselves.

Giles turns on his party in Ep 3, attempting to capture the females for a breeding program to make more were-rats.

Giles Daleborn

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