Legends of Moonsong City

Season One, Episode Four Recap


A new morning dawns and our heroes are feeling refreshed. There was some concern over their missing companions, but the re-appearance of Nisa and Axiomus quickly brought the conversation around to the betrayal from Giles and what they needed to do about it.

In short order, they had decided to further equip themselves with weapons imbued with silver so that they might have a better chance of hurting the were-rats below. Upon hearing of this trouble, Abbie was shaken and apologized to the party for setting them up with Giles in the first place. Axiomus also had a message sent to Craig the Common of the Azure Dragoons to warn them of the threat.

Sadly, our little group of heroes realized that the only person they had with an Explorer’s license was Haloisi who had been called away to see if she could see what was wrong with the common baths. Something about the water apparently.

Nisa, who is frequently quiet in the bar, revealed that she too had found a job to do. She had stumbled upon a small farm girl named Jill. A conversation with Jill revealed that her family was in dire straits. They had been being harassed by a group of goblins, and in the last confrontation, the goblins had taken her brother.


After a quick conversation with Abbie to try to secure some transportation, the group took Jill with them to try to find the goblins and track down and free her brother. However, a quick conversation with jill’s dad on the farm when they arrived made it clear that plan was going to be a bit problematic.


The party shifted strategy then and decided to set an ambush for the goblins coming to the house. As the first six approached, they had the back door covered with Thifal, Lyra, and Axiomus; with Nisa prowling the roof so that she could rain down death with her longbow.

Before the battle was joined, Jill’s dad produced a lantern for the party to use and a sack that contained an ancient long sword. It was the blade Agnigitus “The First Fire” and it went to Axiomus who discovered how to use it with the help of Thifal’s knowledge and expertise in history.

Now better equipped, the party laid in wait.

There wasn’t long to wait. As the goblins at the front door discovered Axiomus’s Caltrips, the goblins at the back door discovered Nisa’s arrows and Thifal’s axe. In short order confusion reigned over the goblin ranks and they eventually tried to break and run. One almost got away, but even the goblin second wave approaching could not keep him safe. The second wave gave the heroes a little more trouble than the first, with a Goblin tough calling out Thifal and engaging him in one to one combat.


The second wave mostly disposed of, on came the big problem. The goblin’s boss, a large ogre named “Gnash”. The party planned on avoiding the great club and instead having a fluid battle line to draw the ogre through the withering fire of their newly re-perched sniper, Nisa. There was a small problem with this plan however….


The ogre had Boots of Striding and Springing. About the only think going the party’s way at this time was that the goblin alchemist had a very easy time starting his fire bomb and had accidentally taken out himself and one other goblin warrior in a large explosion. Because now the party was well and truly in it. The ogre’s club was capable of turning any one of them into a puddle of goo if it landed with any force. But now they were engaged with the ogre at close range.

Four goblin archers were making Axiomus’s life very difficult. An ogre on one side, and if he tried to slip away, he’d lose his cover from the archers. Lucky for him, Lyra has sneaked around to the other side of the building and was now sending one of the cart’s horses in a little trot towards the goblin archers. The sight of the horse was enough to send the archers into a panic, and they broke ranks and ran away from the old draft animal. At the same time, Gnash was calling for a healer. Things were looking up. Then….

While he managed to avoid the club twice, Axiomus wasn’t as lucky on the third time, and the great club rendered him catatonic, bleeding out on the ground in a single swing. At the same time, the goblin adept was closing in, ready to heal the ogre.

Nisa chose the moment to send her arrow towards the ogre instead of towards the healer. it was the right move as the arrow struck the bloodied ogre and felled him.


A few goblins got away, but the day was won. The party found 622xp each and 308gp, 492sp, and 516 cp. Not to mention the magic boots (Lyra) and the flame blade (Axiomus) The goblins were all poor, between all of the goblins they had killed, they only managed to find 46sp and 67cp.

They convinced Jill’s family to move to Moonsong City and take refuge in The Plump Pig with Abbie. Even offering to put them up while they found work.



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