Legends of Moonsong City

Season One, Episode Five Recap

Dramatis personæ:
Axiomus the Magus
Lyra Umbergraft
Thifal Magadukr

Our intrepid party descended again into the depths of the old city. They sought to explore the areas that had not yet seen Haloisi’s chalk marks.

Their first encounter was a brief one with a dire rat who lead them into an ambush set by two additional dire rats and two rat swarms. Our heroes were ready for these threats this time and they burned them down in short order.

The next encounter was clearly a trap. A chest set out, unguarded. Our party approached cautiously, intent on not springing whatever trap was on the chest. Unfortunately, the trap was on the floor as they approached the chest. It immobilized their scout, and alerted the goblins laying in wait to spring their attack. The attack was quickly repulsed by our heroes who turned the tables on the goblins and quickly wiped out the initial attack and then continued to pummel the flanking group that had hoped to sweep in on the distracted party.

Two of the goblins survived, but kept their distance, slowly following the party as they progressed deeper into the descent zone.

They believed they were on the correct path when they discovered a warning written in code. “Unliving ahead. Caution” Who left the message was a mystery, but the party believed in it’s warning. They then came on some dead adventurers. Interestingly, their possessions were well and intact. A spellbook, a magical short sword, an explorer badge, rations, and coins.

After some scouting my the newly christened scout Haloisi, they stumbled on a glowing magical portal. It was being held by three unliving soldiers. Not alive, not undead. Two of them seemed to be guarding a third, who was wounded. The party moved in to try to parley, but without a common language, the unliving soldiers did what their honor compelled them; the defended the portal and each other. Both Haloisi and Axiomus began to decipher some of the words as the battle progressed. It was an off shoot of an ancient religious language. The last words of the final unliving soldier to Haloisi as he realized that capture was inevitable?

“Boqoradda ayaan u adeega” or translated…. “I serve the Queen”

The party took the glowing crystals at the heart of each of the constructs, but when they took the lift back to the surface, the explorers took the crystals and paid the party as was the agreement that is in force between the party and the explorers for the right to explore the old city.



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