Legends of Moonsong City

Riches.... or bust.

Scene #1.2.a (The Descent Zone)
xp: none; Treasure: none;

The party regrouped after a close encounter with a wild and numerous pack of goblins in Ep I. They took a look around and decided that they would continue. Giles friends still were lost, and they had that job to do.

Scene #1.2.b (The Descent Zone)
xp: 3500; Treasure: little;

Nisa scouted forward and heard the common language and could see some campfires. The adventuring company of Giles had discovered the sad survivors of Riches or Bust. Already depleted by 40%, the survivors were all bloodied and two of them barely conscious.

Cece the druid of the Riches of Bust seemed unsettled by the party’s entrance and murmured about something unnatural before Thifal healed them all with a burst of holy energy.

The party briefly debated strategy of run for the ascent or to stay in the room and defend it. In the end, when the goblins attacked, they choose the worst of both strategies and got caught in the open, halfway between running for it and standing their ground.

The goblins were plentiful and aggressive. The captain moved in and between him and a giant rat that the goblins proudly called goblin dogs, Lorran went down. Jake raced out to help to defend Nisa and clear a path for escape and was dropped for his efforts.

As the party retreated into the room under tremendous pressure, the magical dagger they had acquired, The Gleam, flared into their consciousness and demanded the life force of the barely hanging on Lorran. Lyra was swayed by the influential blade and moved to end Lorran’s life and let The Gleam drink. Only an attentive swat from the dwarf Thifal saved the dashing young human.


The battle then raged both inside and out, the blade calling out for blood on the inside and trying to influence people to help it; the goblins on the outside looking blood as well.

The party was unable to get the unconscious Jake into the room, and the goblin adept stopped long enough over the body to plunge a dagger through his chest; ending any real attempts to rescue the noble warrior. The adept’s decision to then start dinner by crunching through bones and flesh on the hapless human could then be heard echoing throughout the room where the desperate defense was being raised.

Haloisi ended up with The Gleam and used it to feed on the life force of a helpless goblin warrior. She felt flush with power and strength, but the taint of the evil act clung to her afterwards.

The goblins finally driven off with magic and martial prowess, the party collected their meager coins and took a rest to try to recoup some healing power before making a push to the ascent and escape.

Scene #1.2.c (The Descent Zone)
xp: 800xp; Treasure: none;

Refreshed by some healing and moving swiftly towards the ascent, the crew encountered a small pack of giant centipedes. Without too much trouble they dispatched the beasts, again Lorran continuing his bad day with a bite that injected a paralytic poison into his system. The recovery would have to wait until they were safe however, and the party continued on.

Scene #1.2.d (The Descent)
xp: none; Treasure: none;

The party called for an ascent and within a couple of hours, the laborers were lowering the lift. The came out without incident. By the binding word of their contract with the Explorers and Giles, they had to sell The Gleam to the explorers, who paid them 4000gp for it. Giles took his 10% of the treasure, and the crew were left to split the rest.

Cece was still visibly shaken by her ordeal, and sent the party 200gp for her rescue. She also legally signed over her Explorer’s license to Haloisi who had comforted her and looked to defend her in the depths. She has given up the adventuring life, but has pledged a life long friendship for all of Gile’s crew.

Thistle did not have much in the way of coin, and couldn’t offer what Cece had. He did seem genuinely thankful, but his experience of watching the Adept devour Jake, left him jaded and angry.

The party split all of their treasure to date, each receiving:
657gp, 5sp, 3cp

Scene #1.2.e (The Plump Pig)
xp: none; Treasure: none;

The party was relived to be back in the tavern and feeling familiar. Abbie as well was happy to see them and bought them all a round of drinks. They were resolved to head back down, Giles’s friends still needed resolution. But before they were going back, they were going to be better prepared. Healing potions, kits, and masterwork weapons, armor, and equipment were on the shopping lists.

The scene closes nearly as it began, with Lyra and Lorran playing a tavern game while Thifal looks on disinterestedly; Haloisi absent-mindedly summoning water into her cup; Nisa warming by the fire; and Axiomus recharging in sleep.



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