Legends of Moonsong City

Death of Sven

The Rise of Tondemo Sanshe

It was a sad evening at the Drunken Priest.

Tifa was dead. Sven was gone, not even the priests of Balamut could call him back. They said his spirit did not want to return, so no amount of mortal divine magic could force him to give up his reward and return to them.

What had gone so wrong…

They had heard that the Azure Dragoons had lost the arcane rift that had been discovered. Determined to help regain control of that rift, they headed down with such confidence. Even when they discovered a lone survivor, panicked and terrified at what he had seen, they still pressed on. While they had been able to handle the initial guards, they were not ready for Tondemo Sanshe. The armored skeletal man had easy brushed aside their strongest attacks, and laid them low.

Now, whatever activity Tondemo had been sent to safeguard, continued. The men they had saved in the attack were under the care of the Dragoons. At least they had saved them. Tifa’s divine magic restoration had been a success.

All in all, it tasted bittersweet.



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