The Legends of Moonsong City Campaign

This campaign is a continuance of a previous campaign that I ran for a group of good friends in Minneapolis. After seeing the advancement that has made, I’ve decided to take the campaign setting 500 years into the future from when we last played, and convert it to Pathfinder. I found 4e to be just a bit too formulaic for tactical combat, and I want to encourage the role-playing more than the tactical combat.

There are some elements of 4e that I really liked and you will see blended in. One, artifacts that exist for low level characters too. I like how 4e did artifacts a bunch. And I like memorable magic items. I also like the idea of an encounter or a daily power for magic items, I think you’ll see that bleed over.

Also Pathfinder has more available on-line resources being an open source concept.

Creating a character for Moonsong City

Four years ago, the current residents of Moonsong City rediscovered the old city beneath their feet. They’ve been sending down adventuring parties to discover the treasures and riches that were left below in a bygone era. Some return with bruises. Some return with riches. Some don’t return at all.

Creating a character

Setting and History of Moonsong City