Queen Sunny the Great

Sunny was a half-elven orphan growing up way in the wilds of the eastern edge of human settlements. Her heritage was a closely guarded secret within the small travel lodge where she had been raised and worked. She was one of the first people to join Kloister and Guss as the core of the Golden Age Heroes.

Towards the beginning of the current age, Sunny became aware of a royal elven hertitage through an ancient elven pact blade that awakened and accepted her bloodline as royal. Through her and it’s power, she claimed Highforest Glade for the elves again.

With the defeat of Glimmer, Sunny became the “Queen of the Elves”. As liberator of the elven people she was much loved by her people and she ruled them wisely and well. She rebuilt her kingdom and elves from far and near flocked to be one of her subjects. Being in communion with the great city allowed her to free a great number of elves who had remained trapped in the limbo of the thorn wall, and these numbers helped swell the depleted elven population.

She was blessed by the high lord Colleran himself and lived well beyond a normal life for a mortal, outlasting the known fates of all of her companions by decades. Not only was her wise rule responsible for rebuilding her kingdom, but she also sent artisans to help with the reconstruction of a new Moonsong City.

She was said to be able to see into even the coldest elven heart, and her rule brought forth a new thinking among elves, where they no longer were so judgemental of other races and they began to be much more open to other ideals and thinking. Great elven philosophers even brought this thinking to other elven kingdoms and her influence was felt well beyond the limits of her own kingdom.

Rumors persist that she didn’t actually die, but was instead taken by a grateful god to reside in his court for eternity when her work on the mortal plane was complete.

Queen Sunny the Great

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