Moonsong City


Moonsong City is located in a fairly temperate zone. Summers range from 80-110 degrees F, where Winters are between 30-50 degrees F. There will be some freezes in the winter, but the Cleartear itself almost never ices over, and when it does, it doesn’t do so for long.

The Black Lady Mountains are much cooler, and it’s not unusual for mountain tops to have ice all year long. The range is a young tall one, lifted out of the earth by Mordain himself if you believe the Dwarves stories about it.

The Idahupi woods stretch from the Black Lady Mountains to the north all the way to the forever Seas in the south. The range of temperature follows the general weather patterns of the plains to the east.


Neutral Good Large City
Corruption +2 Crime +2 Economy +5 Law +2 Lore +3 Society +3
Qualities: Magically Attuned, Prosperous, Tourist Attraction, Racially Intolerant (half-orcs), Strategic Location
Danger +10
Government: Autocracy
Population: 14,200 (8000 humans; 2000 halfings; 2000 dwarfs; 800 elves; 1400 other)

Weapon/Armor/Magic Laws

All weapons must be peacebonded (tied into their scabbards; standard action to release). Wearing heavy armor is generally prohibited unless sanctioned; wearing medium armor is generally considered inappropriate but tolerated. Light armor and no armor carries no penalties or suspicion.

Spell use of any damaging spell or any spell that affects another individual against his will is forbidden.


Base Value 13,700gp; Purchase Limit 75,000gp; Spellcasting 7th level
Minor Items 4d4 items; Medium items 3d4 items; Major items 2d4 items

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Entries to the city

Forest Gate
Leads out to the Ihduhapi Forest. Commonly used by the woodsmen of the city and visitors to and from Highforest Glade.

Plains Gate
Leads out to the Menogyn Plains. It is the largest and widest gate into the city and is frequently traveled by farmers with their wares, city patrols, and caravans headed out or from other human settlements on the plains.

Quiet Gate
A much smaller gate that also leads on to the Menogyn Plains. It’s frequently closed, and really only used by a small subset of trappers and scouts.

North Bridge
Most of the trade from Black Lady fortress comes via the slow and easy to navigate Cleartear River. The North Bridge is a fortress onto itself; with an entire stone barracks built onto the bridge. From here, entry to the city can be controlled as well as any land gate.

South Bridge
Like the North Bridge, the South Bridge is well fortified. The river is slow and lazy, and as a result, it’s fairly easy to move goods up-river too, although it’s mostly lumber and ore that ship downriver, with empty barges coming back north to reload.

City Districts

Tomb District

Woodsmen District

Dwarven District

Capital District

Azure Heights

The Flats

Halfing Halls

The Old City

Temples and Shrines

Avandra’s Gift
Avandra has domains of Luck, Trade, and Travel which make it a popular choice with the travelers and caravan workers who frequent Moonsong City

Bahamut’s Law
Bahamut was the chosen deity of the golden hero Durtin, and this was one of the first temples raised in Moonsong City by the great dwarf himself.

It is not surprise that the god of Civilization might have a temple in the known world’s largest city.

Ioun’s shrine is in the Azure Heights district, separate from the other religious buildings and generally more thought of as a library more than a shrine.

Solonor Thelandira
A shrine to the Elven god of woods and survival. Popular among the elves who travel here. Both to remind them of home, and to pray for survival in this human dominated city.

A shrine to the dwarven god of merchants and trade. Quite appropriate for a dwarven population that mostly stands in as a front for the craftsman to the north.

Holy Halls
General worship space for human and demi-human gods.

Rumors in the city

  • Goblins have taken up residence in the catacombs of the old city.
  • The Azure Dragoons secretly capture and collect any adventurers who find forbidden magics from below.
  • Glimmer had kept a secret dragon horde beneath the city, and it’s still yet to be found.

Notable Groups and Individuals

City Watch
Loyal to the Lord of Moonsong City, this is the group that watches the walls and patrols the streets of Moonsong City.

Azure Dragoons
An arcane focused militia that provides logistic support and security for the more arcane focused of Moonsong city.

This is a mercantile guild focused on moving trade up and down the cleartear river. While their control lessens as you move away from the river, since this is the primary point of trade between the humans on the plains, the elves in the woods, and the dwarves of the mountains, they are quite powerful in setting prices and establishing trade licenses in the city.

Lions of Moonsong City
A halfling tribe that can trace it’s origins way back to the old city, before the Glimmer trouble. They settle in the city where they conduct trade with the other races. They are most notable for the giant saber cats that they ride on the prairies.

The Still Pond (Elven honor guard)
A small, highly trained group of profession elf warriors who take their duty to patrol and keep orderly the tomb of Kloister the Golden quite seriously.

A shadow group of thugs and warriors who work to keep some of the poorer areas of Moonsong city orderly. Mostly through intimation and extortion.

When the ruined undercity of Moonsong City was discovered a couple of years ago, the Explorers sprung up as a guild of adventurers who sponsored and controlled access to the dark passages and undiscovered treasures below.

Moonsong Singers
Guild of entertainers. Practicing performers are expected to pay their dues (2 gp / month). The guild offers a meager hall to all of its members including a spare barrack and kitchen.


The first Moonsong City was created by elven and human craftsmen working in concert. It was to be the center of commerce and communication between the two races after what had been a bitter and bloody conflict stretching over 200 years. (War of the Cleartear River)

After Glimmer rose to power nearly 500 years ago, it was occupied by Orcs. Towards the end of Glimmer’s reign of terror; there was a tremendous explosion that leveled the entire city, killing thousands of people. The remaining orcs were augmented with arcane energy. The heroes of the Golden Age fought a mighty orc-dragonblood hybrid and defeated him here.

With the defeat of Glimmer, Kloister set about to rebuild the city, and with the help of both dwarven stone-smiths and elven artisans, the city was built to even greater glory than it had existed previously. It remains a center of human activity, and serves as a central trading hub between the rich farmlands to the east, the elves of the Ihduhapi forest, and the dwarves of the Black Lady fortress.

While the city is primarily a mercantile center, it also attracts pilgrims from far and near to visit the tome of Kloister the Golden. For his service to the elves, his tomb is guarded every minute of every day by a small garrison of elven warriors. While it might seem to be a ceremonial post, the elves assigned to such a high honor are only chosen from the very best that elven nation has to offer.

Moonsong City

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