Kloister was a mercenary leader, when he originally took up the mantle of seeding the destruction of Glimmer and the rollback of Orcish domination.

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After the war against Glimmer was over, it was Kloister who rallied the remaining towns and villages of humanity and rebuilt the great city of Moonsong. People seemed to naturally flock to Kloister and his bold leadership brought on a new golden age for humanity. Between the dwarven stone smiths and the elven artists, the city of Moonsong was rebuilt to an even greater height that it had been originally.

The one great threat to Kloister’s rule was the goblin siege of the eastern woods five years after the war against Glimmer was over. The Stonehall king’s champion, the Bone-eater prince had arrayed a huge host of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears against the sparsely populated human settlements dotting the edges of the eastern woods. Kloister rallied his people and recruited allies among the elves and dwarves and took a force one tenth the size of the goblin horde to meet them.

Daring tactics and tremendous courage in the face of an overwhelming enemy somehow turned back the goblins, although a last minute forced march of a Goliath force to seal in the doomed prince of the bone-eaters is what sealed the deal for the Goblins. Their courage broke and they fled and did not challenge in numbers again the natural barrier of the eastern wood.

Kloister would eventually be crowned King and his reign was profitable and plentiful. After his death, his body would be placed in the vaults of Moonsong City where an honor guard of Elves keep watch, day and night.


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