Guss was a mercanery working for Kloister guarding caverns to the eastern goblin kingdoms when he decided to embrace his fate as a Golden Hero.

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Guss would become known as the True Dwarf Friend and could not hold an empty mug or sit at a place with a empty plate if there was a dwarf within earshot of the man. Uncharacteristically for the dwarves, young dwarves who strove to go and participate in the great liberation of their mountain fortresses would seek out Guss for training and advice on how to hold the line and when to be wary of friendly spellcasters. When the celebrity would be too much for Guss, he would sojourn to the south to the human settlements. Occasionally he would spend time with the silver dragon known to the dwarves as Mountain Breeze. Although they had met under battle, the dragon had become quite fond of Guss and would actually treat him as an equal.

Guss eventually found a quiet cabin, not far from Havenbrow where he had started his adventures and lived out his days with his adoring wife and small children. The day Guss passed, quietly, peacefully, surrounded by children and grandchildren was a sad one. Deep within both the Black Lady and the Grim Watch, the dwarves knew immediately. The dwarves on watch said the earth itself sighed in sorrow and a wave of sadness overcame the whole nation.

To show their gratitude to Guss, dwarven artisans began to construct small statues of the hero, looking out over the eastern woods where he had been critical in the defeat of the goblinkin some forty years prior. It wasn’t an effort that was coordinated, both rather an individual tribute that gradually lead to a series of statues of Guss north to south looking out over the eastern wood from the mountain passes to the desert hills. Some say that tribute that the dwarves paid Guss was more than just a statue, that they had imbued each with a bit of the same magic that warded the Grim Watcher and that the statues stood guard against any encroachment from the east; as if Guss’s spirit remained, set once again to guard humanity. Some scoff at the idea, but the men and women who venture into the east woods for a livelihood do not.


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