Creating a character

House Rules

  • First level player characters get a set 6hp base and then roll for Hit Points on top of that.
  • Rolling for Hit Points per level. You are allowed one “do-over” roll on Hit Points per level. The second roll, if you take the roll is your roll; even if it is lower than your first roll.
  • The first 20lbs of gear does not count towards weight limits.
  • Spells that have a variable round effort that happen after a failed save, can be saved against every round. (Think paralysis, but not Flesh to Stone or Blind)
  • Spells that require a Save v. Death that are failed move the player character to -Con +4 hp and bleeding. There will be some time to stabilize such a character, just not much.
  • Critical hits that are confirmed with another critical hit can further multiple the damage. (Damage must be rolled for each multiple.)

General Guidelines

Before you begin building your character, there are a couple of steps you should take.

First, please let everyone know what sort of race and class you are thinking of building. This is so that the other players who are interested in not having a complete pool of fighters, or wizards, or clerics can properly adjust to the concepts presented.

Second, please develop a basic concept based on the setting and themes of the game and pitch it to me. We can handle that privately if you’d like. I want to know what to expect out of your character. I find this post is a good start.

Developing a Concept

Obviously the most important thing is to build a character that fits the theme and story of the campaign. Evil characters or characters with extensive and reprehensible criminal backgrounds will not be allowed. Nor will characters built with the intention of disrupting the story or working at a cross-purpose with the rest of the group.

Outside of that, your character may have just about any motive you wish. You can be a good hearted hero, an member of the faithful who wants to bring glory to their god, a minor criminal looking for a fresh start, a mercenary in it for the money, an archaeologist interested in the treasure or ruins, or just someone bored and out of work looking for excitement and adventure. No one however, will be privy to insider knowledge of the major groups that are detailed in the Moonsong City description. However, Moonsong City is a big enough city that you can detail a minor group that you belong to as long as it fits the setting.


Allowed races: Any of the core Pathfinder races with the exception of Half-Orcs. Everyone hates orcs in Moonsong City.


As the group progresses, they may unlock other races for character creation.


Allowed classes: Any of the core Pathfinder classes.
As the group progresses, other classes may become available.

Rolling your character

I really like the randomness of rolling a character. We can meet on to roll character scores. I typically do the 4d6 keep 3 method. You can assign them to whatever attribute you’d like.

Starting characters roll for Hit Points, they are allowed to choose if they want to re-roll their hit points if they want, but if you choose to re-roll, you must take the second roll, even if it’s lower than your first roll.

All starting characters are house ruled to start with a base of 6HP before we roll hit points. This means that essentially a wizard will have 6 + 1d6 HP at first level. Should make you a little more sturdy without compromising later levels.


Creating a character

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