Tag: RIP


  • Peter of the Sun Valley

    A lost paladin who was consumed and then bent into servitude by [[:niln | Niln]]. Freed in by [[:fletcher-4 | Fletcher Callahan]] who bested him in single combat and thus released him from his bondage.

  • Gilt

    Beaten by the Legends.SIH heroes at Samson's Ford

  • Girt

    Lover and brother of [[:wren | Wren]]. Destroyed by the Legends.SIH heroes by the portal to the temple of Erathis.

  • Wren

    Sister and lover of [[:girt | Girt]]

  • Chief Glibthump

    A goblin unlike the others that were found beneath the city of [[Moonsong City | Moonsong]]. Had a tattoo that marked him as part of the [[Stonehall | Stonehall]]

  • Amber

    A bronze dragon killed and turned to serve in undead as a zombie mount to [[:niln | Niln]]. Sister to [[:fred-6 | Fred]] and [[:caleb-8 | Caleb]].

  • Sai the Ugly

    A hideously ugly goblin, even by goblin standards. When confronted by [[:sven | Sven]], he attacked and forced the heroes to work towards his ends by attacking the blood moon chieftain [[:ruknar | Ruknar]] He told the heroes to explicitly not take on …

  • Ruknar

    Fiendish overlord of the [[BloodMoon Goblin Tribe | Blood Moon tribe]]. Dies in battle.

  • Dorila

    Rescued from the lizard folk who had prepared her for a feast, she attempted to guide the party to the crystal desolation and her people. Instead she was eaten by a bulette on the sands.

  • Lioffe

    bq). I was required. Her heart was my order. I was needed. Her heart was told. Her protection was told. Her protection was told. I mustn't stop. I must protection was needed. Her protection was told. Her heart was required. Her heart was my order. It was …

  • Gnash

    Leading a group of goblins, this ogre was particularly fearsome for his boots of striding and springing.

  • Breen

    Dark paladin who had been given the mission to get the team out of Moonsong city for his "master"