Tag: BloodMoon


  • BloodMoon Goblin Tribe

    The Blood Moon tribe claim the ruins of Kirin Prison and are led by their dread chieftain, the fiendish ogre warrior, [[:ruknar | Ruknar]], and [[:razogen-scion-of-ruknar | his son]]. Several in the tribe resent Ruknar and secretly plot to overthrow him, …

  • Sai the Ugly

    A hideously ugly goblin, even by goblin standards. When confronted by [[:sven | Sven]], he attacked and forced the heroes to work towards his ends by attacking the blood moon chieftain [[:ruknar | Ruknar]] He told the heroes to explicitly not take on …

  • Ruknar

    Fiendish overlord of the [[BloodMoon Goblin Tribe | Blood Moon tribe]]. Dies in battle.