Legends of Moonsong City

Season One, Episode One Recap

Scene #1.1.a (The Plump Pig)

xp: none; Treasure: none;

The party met each other and Giles, who offered them a job as his hirelings to help him find his two lost friends. (Dyre and Amanda) He offered them his sponsorship to help them get their own Explorer’s guild licenses should they be successful. He also offered them 90% of all of the treasure the group found below, provided that the Explorer’s get their first choice of magic items to buy, and he gets the second choice to buy.

Halosi was a little nervous about this whole arrangement, but Abbie told her about a library that is rumored to be below, guarded by undead that cannot be turned by the holy men and women that adventure below.

In the end all of the characters decided to pursue this opportunity.

Scene #1.1.b (Two Giant Centipedes)

xp: 400xp total
treasure found: none.

Party descended into the depths of the old city. They were told that if they needed to be lifted out, Giles would have to use the pass-phrase and they could expect up to a four hour wait while the laborers were gathered and the pass-phrase validated by the Explorer’s guild.

Scene #1.1.c (Well hidden metal box)

xp: 0 total
treasure found: Gleam, magical dagger. Lyra possesses it currently.

The party noticed a very well hidden metal box under a flagstone. It contained a very beautiful magical dagger. Lyra currently possesses it and tells people it’s name is Gleam

Scene #1.1.d (Wandering Monster: Goblin warrior)

xp: 135 total
treasure found: Axiomus gathered 15 cp

A lone goblin in the dark who wanted the party to leave the dagger where they found it and clear out. They chased him in the dark, but he got away for a bit. Once he was spotted, the party made short work of him. He had very little and seemed like he might be a loner.

Scene #1.1.e (Transition from Descent to Goblin Lair)

Goblin Adept; Goblin Alchemist (2); Goblin Tough (2); Goblin Warrior (4)
xp: 2740 total
treasure found: 53sp, 114cp, broken short swords, lousy short bows, lousy arrows, small pouch with 15gp

The party encountered a well defended choke point. The goblins called out to them to leave the area of the BlackBiters, but the party refused. The party attempted to negotiate for passage. The goblins suggested that if they could eat the dwarf, that could work. The dwarf refused and a great battle was engaged.

Thifal Magadukr and Lorran nearly dropped, but in the end the party was successful, thanks to a timely critical from Giles (whom they are liking less and less) and Nisa’s amazing accurate arrows. (When she can see a target)

The Adept fled and escaped. Once the drums started from deeper in the lair, the party decided that Giles two friends could not have possibly gone this way and they fled back into the descent area to continue the search.

What the characters got…

Total XP per Character: 504xp. (divide total by 6.5)
Total Treasure:

  • 15gp, 53sp, 129cp,
  • Magic Dagger
  • broken short swords, lousy short bows, lousy arrows, small pouch
Tempest, in a Tea Cup.

Haloisi forced herself to continue looking down at her pages as Abbey greeted yet another adventurer newly come to The Plump Pig. Her desire to know the histories of everything and the lineages of everyone was a manageable pursuit back in the small fishing village of Bydune, but here in Moonsong City each of the thousands of new faces had new voices, and tens of thousands score ancestors echoing back through the deepest depths of history and beyond. Even after nine months in Moonsong City, the wealth of wonderful familiar relations and first, second and third hand historical accounts overwhelmed her.

Haloisi learned on her first day in the city proper that people fell into two categories. The first did not like perfectly reasonable questions, and shameless liars. The more someone wanted to tell their histories and bloodlines, the more likely they were to fabricate tales and waste her time. She occasionally found gems in those week-old oysters, but more often than not her objects of study in the latter group became angry when she began picking apart their clumsily woven, tangled nets of contradictions and inconsistencies. Haloisi sighed.

A barman set down a clean, empty cup beside her with a smile. On one hand, Haloisi felt a surge of victory at having tactfully handling that particular bit of tact. City water tasted and smelled of the city, and the city did not smell well at all. She had masterfully handled the wait staff here in her requests that they simply bring an empty mug when she sat in the common room to table to commit her findings to paper. She did not want to insult them, especially when the entirety of her room and board depended on their continued patronage.

On the other, a twinge of annoyance. That barman was one of the men who gave her an uneasy feeling when he looked at her, too direct and too long. She supposed she disliked him for his attention, which was odd because he often hid a smile on the few occasions they spoke and seemed pleasant enough. She pushed him from her mind and tried to reconstruct the song in her head, or remember it as if from another life. Lorran was distracting with his mundane lute performance. It was pleasant enough, but one tune drowns out another surely as the tide pushes back the shoreline.

Haloisi absently listened to Lorran’s song as she waved her hand in a surreptitious motion not unlike the rocking of a boat on calm seas, humming the watersong under her breath. Her heart was not in it, and the cup filled very slowly. She then teased the process out, purposefully raising the water level in drip-like increments that filled each tiny ridge of the fired clay cup as the level rose. With her other hand, she flipped open her new journal and wrote. Having already committed the day’s experiences to paper, she wrote of herself.

The blue child was born of land and sea, where the two met a few leagues from the seaside town of Oasis. Two Elven parents awaited her, one in pain and labor, the other in worry and concern, both in love. The midwife comforted the child’s mother as soon as her inspection of the child was complete, assured her all was well.

“She is a Child of the Sea, all is well.” the Midwife claimed. At that moment the child cried in a voice that all attending the birth recalled was profound and special in a way they could not fully describe.

After a silence, her Father kissed her on her brow and smiled at her mother.

“Haloisi,” her Father said. The sea, in storm.

Haloisi finished filling the cup, but kept humming and hand-dancing. Her drifting mind was an island now. There were no patrons, no lute, no inn. It was just Haloisi, and the song, and the dance, and the water.

In a trance, she watched the water rise in an inverted whirlpool, spinning upwards to a point. A passerby bumped into her, breaking her trance and raining water back into the cup. Not a drop hit the table, or more importantly, her notes.

She looked at her notes; she had drawn the figures again. Ever since she was a child, her learning disability displayed itself whenever she stopped concentrating and became fully distracted. Haloisi-speak, her teachers had called it. Sinewy lines like waves and drops of water appeared in her hand, only this time, she knew what the letters meant. She could understand it, though not necessarily read it, as well as if it were written in Common.

Tempest, in a Tea Cup.

A Path to Glory

Scene: The Plump Pig

The tavern has a well worn feel, and the inviting smell of stew simmering over an open cooking hearth. There is the low murmur of conversations in the background, as a minstrel plays a soothing tune on a lute. Some of the other tavern regulars are nearby, slowing drinking their ale and engaged in idle conversation.

In the months since you’ve come to Moonsong City, you’ve gotten to know a few of them. They were generally like you, looking for the adventure that Moonsong City promises as the largest city in the known world. However, the adventure that lurked beneath the city required one to be officially sanctioned by the Explorers Guild… or know your own way into the ruined city beneath your feet.

As you enter, Abbie calls you over.

“I think this gentleman might have a job that could use your help.” She says. “His name is Giles Daleborn, and I expect him back later this evening. He’s offered me a reward if I could gather a group of people who might be interested in some adventure.”

She looks up with a grin.

“I thought maybe you might find this to be an interesting idea. Buy an ale and sit at the bar, and I’ll let you know when he comes in.”

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