Legends of Moonsong City

Season One, Mid-season Interlude

Deep beneath the earth, the itch was becoming an annoyance. While he was pleased enough with the plans within plans of his minions, those machinations should not become something that interferes with the ultimate goal. These pets of his pets were becoming an irritant. He’d have to have someone do something about that. He toyed with the idea of sending the unspoken to deal with this irritant. Maybe after a nap; there something deeply pleasurable about toying with both these insects and his pets a little more before the trap snapped shut on both.

Season One, Episode Seven Recap

Dramatis personæ
Axiomus the Magus
Lyra Umbergraft
Nisa Mathis Wells
Thifal Magadukr

Special Guest Star:

Our intrepid heroes spent a couple of minutes in the blood and gore of their previous victory to share the spoils and debate their next course of action. After some discussion, the decision was made to press on, and attempt to end this goblin threat to the inn.

The party came onto one goblin warrior who took a quick potshot at Thifal and then ran. Whenever given a choice, it would seem the goblins liked to focus on the dwarf. A little deeper in, they stumbled on a commando, who shouted out intelligence about the party to his “King”, a goblin named Chief Glibthump.

Refusing to once again get sucked into an ambush, the party sent Haloisi ahead to scout. ep7-prayer.png Through a series of truly spectacular skill displays, she got close enough to peek behind the curtain to the king’s chamber. She didn’t get quite enough of a view to see what horror would approach the party next however.

While the party and the king hurdled insults at each other, the Chief Gilbthump said he would send them the “gift” he had received from the party’s old friend Giles.


The battle against their friend and comrade in arms who’s left arm below the elbow had been replaced by the evil and maligant blade Gleam was horrible for most of them to even comprehend. They fought for a way to turn back the juggernaut he had become, powered by the death seeking blade and a necrotic energy that could heal any wound and keep him on his feet even when his wounds would have been fatal for any other.


Gleam’s power was much stronger than last they had met.


Axiomus fought through his shock and horror to identify what it was that might control his old friend. His keen arcane senses revealed ley lines that feed Lorran were all centered on his chest, below his armor… right about…. where his heart would be.

Lyra’s magic sprung forth, and while she was unable to stop Gleam’s continued threats and anger, she was able to stun Lorran, stilling the unholy regeneration and keeping him from advancing towards his old comrades. Just as it seemed the party might be able to handle Lorran’s new reality, the goblin chief Glibthump decided he had been patient enough and he moved in to attack.

Things began to look bad. A goblin dog had stuck Haloisi, adding her to the party members who were fighting off a significant allergic reaction to the miserable and disgusting creatures. Thifal had burned his last heal trying to apply holy energy to Lorran, but Lorran’s attack had ruined his concentration and the spell had fizzled. The party fell back as the attack continued to be pressed, the goblin archers making it clear that they’d be able to overwhelm even Nisa who continued to plug away from behind.

Out of desperation, a new plan formed. The party retreated, and Lyra lit up the goblin alchemist that Nisa had put down earlier. Two goblin toughs who had advanced were instantly wrapped in a sticky green flame that burned the life force from both. Haloisi found new power in her water dance and brought into existence a block of water with the hardness of ice. Slowing the advance and forcing their enemies to attack through cover and fire, Thifal separated the great chief from his healers, and gradually worked him down with his companion’s help.

When the great goblin chief fell, the goblins who remained turned to flee, a couple attempting to take the crown of king, but mostly they just started running away.

With a heavy sigh, the team looked for how to deal with Lorran, held in place with the ice water. Thifal separated the dagger from Lorran with his axe, and the party grimaced in sympathy as the silent Lorran could be seen to scream silently in pain and horror. There was some debate about removing the gem that seemed to control the necrotic energy that sustained the construct that Lorran had become.


They decided instead to take their loot from the fallen goblin king and his chest, secure Lorran with rope and then surface to restore their health and spell power. As they prepared to leave after finding a wand, a short sword, various bits of coin and treasure and a cloak of resistance, it occurred to them that the loud mouth dagger had not been collected. They set about to secure it, but it had vanished mysteriously.

The journey back to the Plumb Pig was uneventful. Once there, the party decided to bring their stricken comrade to the temple of Bahamut to see if there could be some discovery of what sort of arcane malady affected their friend.

Without blinking a collective eye, they spent the 1000gp it would take to purge Lorran of his unwanted necrotic addition. They were shocked to discover that this wasn’t the first time a ritual like this had been attempted. This was a similar magic to the rituals employed by Glimmer 500 years ago to bond elemental lords to her son and then her final attempt to bond an elvish god to her will. Yarin, their contact at the temple was happy enough to refund the gold for the good work that the party had done, but the party choose instead to have the temple keep it.


Finally, the city watch pays the party 1000gp for the dead goblin chief and are particularly thankful for the proof that the Kingdom of Stonehall is sending champions to fight their fair city.

Haloisi's Journal

Abbey was her normal wonderful self, though a tightness behind her eyes told of the past day’s events. She was relieved and thankful that the party had secured the caverns under her inn, but the ordeal had still taken a toll.

Lorran, the fool. Haloisi wished he was well, and not just to answer questions. As often as the pair had crossed verbal swords, there was no denying that he was a core member of their group. Haloisi’s mind ran at full speed. So many facts and facets to explore.

The Goblin Chief had been in cahoots with Giles, who had lied to them about selling the dagger, Gleam. Gleam had wandered off right under their noses. Haloisi tried to detect its presence but found nothing. No party member had become possessed of it. Giles must have had one of his vermin steal it from them.

Haloisi absently toyed with a hollow metal rod in her right hand, unaware that she had taken it out of her pouch. It was fouled at one end to the point of blockage; obviously the item had not been well cared for. Goblins were not the tidiest of creatures.

Following to conclusion, Giles was also in league with another force of dark magic. Giles had no dark magic himself, and anyone powerful enough to successfully create the construct that Lorran had become would not follow the lead of a great filthy rat.

There were no few entities to follow in her mind. With her left hand, Haloisi ticked them off on a list she had begun on a piece of parchment titled, “Entities that might kill us.” Giles and his rats. The Goblin Chief and his horde, now dead and his forces dispersed. An unkown force driving more hordes of Goblins into the countryside and underneath them in the Old City. An unknown practicioner of dark magical arts that could create constructs of flesh. Unliving constructs, perhaps from an age long past. The Watch, who were nothing more than an organized crime ring. The Azure Dragoons, an entity that Haloisi knew far too little about.

Haloisi grimaced and peered through the hollow tube. Would this thing work with the unknown substance mucking up the end? She channeled a bit of water with a few soft words to agitate the water against the blockage. She continued to write. Her new list was “Things we can actually do something about.”

Their goals and studies were also a hefty burden. End Gile’s attempts to kidnap and mate with women from the city. Haloisi shuddered. Find Gile’s spellcrafting cohort seemed like a very interesting goal. Haloisi wondered if she might have the skill to replicate his feats for science and study under controlled conditions. Regardless, they would have to wait until Lorran had recovered enough to provide intelligence, or, as it was Lorran, a reasonable facsimile thereof. Study the runes they had from the portal; this was a great use of time but their funds were finite and research not cheap. Besides, with Axiomus’ aid, she should be able to perform the analysis perfectly well, especially once she had more samples of the writing to study and compare.

Access and study in the ancient library; now that was the best possible use of their time. She added it to the top of the list. Now that she had the tool to breach the portal, there was no excuse for delay.

Haloisi shook the tube, but the blockage still would not budge. She pushed the water through. Suddenly water shot forth from the device like a miniature geyser, shattering a clay jug of cider that was perched on the shelf behind the bar. Haloisi hastily hid the rod before the eyes could leave the clay shards and observe her.

Haloisi tsked loudly, annoyed. Her notes were largely ruined by the water. As was sometimes the case when she stopped directly concentrating and split her mind off in several directions at once, she had written something again at the bottom of the page: Weaponshaft.


Season One, Episode Six Interude

Loot from Thifal’s notes:

83 gp
629 sp
a chest of 7830cp
18 pieces of small jewelry, avg 10gp each
15 casks of ale

3x backpacks (2gp ea)
Bag of iron nails (5sp)
Bottles of wine (5sp ea, 23x)
Flasks of oil (34x)
OneMadOgre (GM): Sewing kit (3x)
Masterwork Sickle
134sp, 439cp
Half drank very expensive bottle of wine. (2 days ago, 45gp sealed, now 1cp
+1 Dagger, Returning.
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Invisibility
3x Potion of Cure Light Wounds

Note that there are 2 batches of 468 xp for Ep6.
So it is:
1) 468 Abbie fight
2) 468
3 1125 XP

Season One, Episode Six Recap

Dramatis personæ
Axiomus the Magus
Lyra Umbergraft
Nisa Mathis Wells
Thifal Magadukr

The party was enjoying a pleasant evening in The Plump Pig. Things were going much better than the time they had barely managed to stumble back into the common house. Jill’s family had made it safely from the farmhouse that had been beset by goblins and ogres. Turns out Kevin was a very good cook, and Abbie had put him to work. Cylde still seemed a little jittery after the party had thought that he might be a traitor, but he’d just have to get over that.

As night settled in, screams awoke our party. From below came the cries of goblins and the frightened screams of Abbie. The party attempted to wake and challenge the goblins, but the layout of the upper floor of the inn and the selection of their rooms made it difficult to get all of the party into the battle effectively. Thankfully, the goblins seemed to be after food and loot. However, they didn’t seem to go after much of either of those things. Instead they seemed to be looking for the hero’s rooms. The heroes managed to turn the tide and even without armor or full preparation, they were able to chase the goblins back. The last survivor ducked into the wine cellar. They had surfaced in the inn itself!

They discovered with the goblin raiders, a small statue of an elf. They decided to give it to Jill, the little girl who had endeared herself to all of them.

Into the cellar our heroes descended, determined to put an end to this goblin threat so close to their adopted home. The first battle was engaged where the goblins had set a checkpoint. Our heroes shattered their defense and worked to run down the last of the goblin warriors. They were divided between capturing and killing him, and he eventually escaped. Only to be slaughtered by his own kind for leading the heroes to their lair. It was here that the battle with the goblin tribe was well and truly joined.

The battle was long, bloody, and running. But our heroes end the battle surrounded by the bodies of the goblin dead. Multiple waves of goblin warriors, goblin dogs, adepts, toughs, and even a few commandos had left our party nearly depleted of strength. Taking a deep breath, our heroes debated their next move.

Season One, Episode Five Interude

Some catchup….

Shoot, I know I had computed the XP, but I didn’t leave it in the chat log. :) I remember it being around 667xp, so we’ll call it that.

However all characters (regardless of if you made it last session may take an additional 100xp for discovery of the lower temple region.)

Other housekeeping.

I’ve decided not to re-write history and have you use the brotherhood passageway that Fred pulled you out of. There is more to those, and I don’t want to let you experience them without letting you experience them. As a result, that means that we did take the Explorer entrance up and down. Your magic items… (+1 short sword, +1 large shield, Cloak of Elvenkind), the limited gold and the Unliving Solider’s crystal hearts are all subject to the Explorer tax. Lucky (or unlucky) for you, they decide the value on having all three of the crystal hearts is enough to satisfy your tax and they lay claim to all three. Add 3000gp. Those crystals were quite rare and interesting.

You’re able to spend up to two days in research activities. If you let me know here what sorts of activities you are interested in, I’ll update before we play with your results.

Things that happened while you were below.

  1. Jill’s parents (Kevin & Judy) have arrived at the Plumb Pig and have taken small jobs around the inn. Abbie is happy with both their skills and work ethic.
  2. Goblin attacks have become more than whispered rumors. They have been spilling out in the streets in more and more brazen attacks. City Watch (Not Watchmen) have raised a bounty and reward for adventurous souls to help deal with a growing goblin threat from below. Evidence of a goblin lair wiped out that can be validated in a zone of truth will be rewarded. Size of the reward will be dependent on the thoroughness of the goblin eradication but starts at 100gp and works it way up for a truly massive hive, or a goblin king.

Lyra discovers….
Learns that the Watchmen are really nothing more than a protection racket. The hard working men and women of the Flats hate them but don’t have the power or the ability to fight them.

Axiomus and Haloisi discovers….
Working together seems like a very good way to go about it, particularly for Aximous’s more general access to the research libraries of the Azure Quarter.

Sadly, your research fails to turn up much. An interesting article you discovered is now available on the wiki. The Battle of Moonsong City

You believe the key will be more time spent in study, or perhaps learning more of the strange language that the unliving soldiers used to communicate.

Thifal discovers….
Your research turns up some tidbits on the unliving. Mostly an acknowledgement that the professional religious of this city who are aware of them, are also aware that they are not really undead, but a construct of some kind. The Unliving

Season One, Episode Five Recap

Dramatis personæ:
Axiomus the Magus
Lyra Umbergraft
Thifal Magadukr

Our intrepid party descended again into the depths of the old city. They sought to explore the areas that had not yet seen Haloisi’s chalk marks.

Their first encounter was a brief one with a dire rat who lead them into an ambush set by two additional dire rats and two rat swarms. Our heroes were ready for these threats this time and they burned them down in short order.

The next encounter was clearly a trap. A chest set out, unguarded. Our party approached cautiously, intent on not springing whatever trap was on the chest. Unfortunately, the trap was on the floor as they approached the chest. It immobilized their scout, and alerted the goblins laying in wait to spring their attack. The attack was quickly repulsed by our heroes who turned the tables on the goblins and quickly wiped out the initial attack and then continued to pummel the flanking group that had hoped to sweep in on the distracted party.

Two of the goblins survived, but kept their distance, slowly following the party as they progressed deeper into the descent zone.

They believed they were on the correct path when they discovered a warning written in code. “Unliving ahead. Caution” Who left the message was a mystery, but the party believed in it’s warning. They then came on some dead adventurers. Interestingly, their possessions were well and intact. A spellbook, a magical short sword, an explorer badge, rations, and coins.

After some scouting my the newly christened scout Haloisi, they stumbled on a glowing magical portal. It was being held by three unliving soldiers. Not alive, not undead. Two of them seemed to be guarding a third, who was wounded. The party moved in to try to parley, but without a common language, the unliving soldiers did what their honor compelled them; the defended the portal and each other. Both Haloisi and Axiomus began to decipher some of the words as the battle progressed. It was an off shoot of an ancient religious language. The last words of the final unliving soldier to Haloisi as he realized that capture was inevitable?

“Boqoradda ayaan u adeega” or translated…. “I serve the Queen”

The party took the glowing crystals at the heart of each of the constructs, but when they took the lift back to the surface, the explorers took the crystals and paid the party as was the agreement that is in force between the party and the explorers for the right to explore the old city.

Season One, Episode Four Recap


A new morning dawns and our heroes are feeling refreshed. There was some concern over their missing companions, but the re-appearance of Nisa and Axiomus quickly brought the conversation around to the betrayal from Giles and what they needed to do about it.

In short order, they had decided to further equip themselves with weapons imbued with silver so that they might have a better chance of hurting the were-rats below. Upon hearing of this trouble, Abbie was shaken and apologized to the party for setting them up with Giles in the first place. Axiomus also had a message sent to Craig the Common of the Azure Dragoons to warn them of the threat.

Sadly, our little group of heroes realized that the only person they had with an Explorer’s license was Haloisi who had been called away to see if she could see what was wrong with the common baths. Something about the water apparently.

Nisa, who is frequently quiet in the bar, revealed that she too had found a job to do. She had stumbled upon a small farm girl named Jill. A conversation with Jill revealed that her family was in dire straits. They had been being harassed by a group of goblins, and in the last confrontation, the goblins had taken her brother.


After a quick conversation with Abbie to try to secure some transportation, the group took Jill with them to try to find the goblins and track down and free her brother. However, a quick conversation with jill’s dad on the farm when they arrived made it clear that plan was going to be a bit problematic.


The party shifted strategy then and decided to set an ambush for the goblins coming to the house. As the first six approached, they had the back door covered with Thifal, Lyra, and Axiomus; with Nisa prowling the roof so that she could rain down death with her longbow.

Before the battle was joined, Jill’s dad produced a lantern for the party to use and a sack that contained an ancient long sword. It was the blade Agnigitus “The First Fire” and it went to Axiomus who discovered how to use it with the help of Thifal’s knowledge and expertise in history.

Now better equipped, the party laid in wait.

There wasn’t long to wait. As the goblins at the front door discovered Axiomus’s Caltrips, the goblins at the back door discovered Nisa’s arrows and Thifal’s axe. In short order confusion reigned over the goblin ranks and they eventually tried to break and run. One almost got away, but even the goblin second wave approaching could not keep him safe. The second wave gave the heroes a little more trouble than the first, with a Goblin tough calling out Thifal and engaging him in one to one combat.


The second wave mostly disposed of, on came the big problem. The goblin’s boss, a large ogre named “Gnash”. The party planned on avoiding the great club and instead having a fluid battle line to draw the ogre through the withering fire of their newly re-perched sniper, Nisa. There was a small problem with this plan however….


The ogre had Boots of Striding and Springing. About the only think going the party’s way at this time was that the goblin alchemist had a very easy time starting his fire bomb and had accidentally taken out himself and one other goblin warrior in a large explosion. Because now the party was well and truly in it. The ogre’s club was capable of turning any one of them into a puddle of goo if it landed with any force. But now they were engaged with the ogre at close range.

Four goblin archers were making Axiomus’s life very difficult. An ogre on one side, and if he tried to slip away, he’d lose his cover from the archers. Lucky for him, Lyra has sneaked around to the other side of the building and was now sending one of the cart’s horses in a little trot towards the goblin archers. The sight of the horse was enough to send the archers into a panic, and they broke ranks and ran away from the old draft animal. At the same time, Gnash was calling for a healer. Things were looking up. Then….

While he managed to avoid the club twice, Axiomus wasn’t as lucky on the third time, and the great club rendered him catatonic, bleeding out on the ground in a single swing. At the same time, the goblin adept was closing in, ready to heal the ogre.

Nisa chose the moment to send her arrow towards the ogre instead of towards the healer. it was the right move as the arrow struck the bloodied ogre and felled him.


A few goblins got away, but the day was won. The party found 622xp each and 308gp, 492sp, and 516 cp. Not to mention the magic boots (Lyra) and the flame blade (Axiomus) The goblins were all poor, between all of the goblins they had killed, they only managed to find 46sp and 67cp.

They convinced Jill’s family to move to Moonsong City and take refuge in The Plump Pig with Abbie. Even offering to put them up while they found work.

Season One, Episode Three Recap


Morning came early for our heroes in The Plump Pig

ep3---Goblins.pngAfter deciding to select Thifal Magadukr as their battle leader, they journeyed after Giles Daleborn’s missing friends. The first forray lead to a dead end, but the party had been tracked by a Goblin raiding party. Hearing the clumsy hunters behind them, they set their own ambush and handled the goblin problem with aplomb.

The party also began to notice the Giles seemed especially jittery and nervous. On hearing that Thifal had seen a skeleton on the ground, he jumped and shouted out a warning. When Thifal explained that it was just a pile of bones, not an undead creature, he only sort of started to calm down. Thifal, calm as ever pocketed the 100gp ruby that lay underneath the old bones.

Then as they headed down towards the area Cece had marked garbage pits they also encountered and helped a member of the “Brotherhood” who sounded like he might have walked off any Occupy Wallstreet rally you ever saw. He was beat up, thirsty and hungry.


He told our heroes that there are other ways that lead into and out of the old city than what the man controls. He also warned them about what might come next, with rats, giant rats and even potentially giant man rats. Giles wanted to immediately turn him over to the authorities, and there was some dissension in the party on that count. Eventually they decided to just feed, bandage, and give him water. After that, they left Fred where he was. Giles continued to make snide remarks about him after they left.


They encountered a small nest of giant wolf spiders, but they were well equipped for this challenge, and killed all three of the spiders quickly and without incident. The coins scattered around helped the party’s treasure haul, adding 57gp, 129sp, 234cp, (4) 10gp gems, and a small gold ring (300gp).

The real rub came as they ventured deeper. As they turned the corner and Giles in the trailing position fell out of sight, he quit bringing up the rear. The party quickly noticed he was missing. They called out to him, but quickly came to the realization that this was a betrayal. And it was. Within a few seconds, the floor was alive with movement as thousands of rats poured down the passageway at our intrepid heroes.

Thifal and Lorran began to be eaten from the feet up. Nothing they did could beat back the tide of this living and devouring carpet of rats. Thifal desperately healed and drank what ended up being just shy of a six pack of healing potions, but the rats just kept coming. Giles called out that the rats should leave the females for later. That he needed them to breed more of his children. When Haloisi threatened to kill Lyra and wreck those plans, Giles laughed and shouted back that there were plenty more of their friends he could coerce to come down here. Abbie, Cece, Nisa, they were all potential breeding targets for him.

After a mishap with a net, and a couple close calls for Thifal and Lorran, the party beat back the rats. They debated their next move, eventually deciding to head back. However, a cave in collapse made that an untenable choice. They were stuck below and decided to press on as opposed to forming a defense there and attempting to rest.

They pressed on, with a solid plan for how to deal with the dire rats and rat swarms they would face. Things looked good until a rat-man appeared and seemed to direct the rats to also attack the females. The party was looking to try to make a fighting withdrawal, when Haloisi made an attempt to charm the rat through her magic. Successful, she had the were-rat withdraw his allies.


They continued in then, quite pleased and happy with the outcome. They began to discover the storage caches that the rats had gathered and restocked crossbow bolts and food from them. They then ordered the rats onto the cache and doused the whole thing with oil. Haloisi ended her pretense of friendship with the were-rat when she set the entire thing on fire.

The fire killed the dire rats, severely wounded the rat swarms, but was nearly ineffectual on the were-rat. As it stepped out of the fire into combat with Thifal, he dealt it a heavy blow and watched in horror as the magical damage resistance of the were-rat meant that even his nearly perfect blow had no effect.

ep3-debt-paid.pngThifal fell shortly afterwards to a critical blow from the were-rat. Lorran went down next, felled as he attempted to quaff a healing potion. Just when things looked bleakest, Fred re-emerged from deeper in the complex and called to the party to quickly follow a hidden tunnel within a garbage pile. As the aghast party looked on, he pushed into the fray, telling the party “I owe the dwarf.”

A timely push from Haloisi to keep the were-rat off his feet and unable to make an opportunity attack combined with a surreal series of rolls from the were-rat allowed Fred to grab not only Thifal, but Lorran as well and barely (he had 2hp on emergence) escape the furious were-rat.

A quick break to force feed two more potions of healing and the group fled back to the surface using an entrance that Fred knew about.

They had never been happier to be in Abbie’s care in the tavern. At the end of the adventure, they discovered that they probably had taken out nearly 500gp, but had spent all of that in used healing potions. The real victory would be the xp of 1269xp each, enough to push them all to second level.

Riches.... or bust.

Scene #1.2.a (The Descent Zone)
xp: none; Treasure: none;

The party regrouped after a close encounter with a wild and numerous pack of goblins in Ep I. They took a look around and decided that they would continue. Giles friends still were lost, and they had that job to do.

Scene #1.2.b (The Descent Zone)
xp: 3500; Treasure: little;

Nisa scouted forward and heard the common language and could see some campfires. The adventuring company of Giles had discovered the sad survivors of Riches or Bust. Already depleted by 40%, the survivors were all bloodied and two of them barely conscious.

Cece the druid of the Riches of Bust seemed unsettled by the party’s entrance and murmured about something unnatural before Thifal healed them all with a burst of holy energy.

The party briefly debated strategy of run for the ascent or to stay in the room and defend it. In the end, when the goblins attacked, they choose the worst of both strategies and got caught in the open, halfway between running for it and standing their ground.

The goblins were plentiful and aggressive. The captain moved in and between him and a giant rat that the goblins proudly called goblin dogs, Lorran went down. Jake raced out to help to defend Nisa and clear a path for escape and was dropped for his efforts.

As the party retreated into the room under tremendous pressure, the magical dagger they had acquired, The Gleam, flared into their consciousness and demanded the life force of the barely hanging on Lorran. Lyra was swayed by the influential blade and moved to end Lorran’s life and let The Gleam drink. Only an attentive swat from the dwarf Thifal saved the dashing young human.


The battle then raged both inside and out, the blade calling out for blood on the inside and trying to influence people to help it; the goblins on the outside looking blood as well.

The party was unable to get the unconscious Jake into the room, and the goblin adept stopped long enough over the body to plunge a dagger through his chest; ending any real attempts to rescue the noble warrior. The adept’s decision to then start dinner by crunching through bones and flesh on the hapless human could then be heard echoing throughout the room where the desperate defense was being raised.

Haloisi ended up with The Gleam and used it to feed on the life force of a helpless goblin warrior. She felt flush with power and strength, but the taint of the evil act clung to her afterwards.

The goblins finally driven off with magic and martial prowess, the party collected their meager coins and took a rest to try to recoup some healing power before making a push to the ascent and escape.

Scene #1.2.c (The Descent Zone)
xp: 800xp; Treasure: none;

Refreshed by some healing and moving swiftly towards the ascent, the crew encountered a small pack of giant centipedes. Without too much trouble they dispatched the beasts, again Lorran continuing his bad day with a bite that injected a paralytic poison into his system. The recovery would have to wait until they were safe however, and the party continued on.

Scene #1.2.d (The Descent)
xp: none; Treasure: none;

The party called for an ascent and within a couple of hours, the laborers were lowering the lift. The came out without incident. By the binding word of their contract with the Explorers and Giles, they had to sell The Gleam to the explorers, who paid them 4000gp for it. Giles took his 10% of the treasure, and the crew were left to split the rest.

Cece was still visibly shaken by her ordeal, and sent the party 200gp for her rescue. She also legally signed over her Explorer’s license to Haloisi who had comforted her and looked to defend her in the depths. She has given up the adventuring life, but has pledged a life long friendship for all of Gile’s crew.

Thistle did not have much in the way of coin, and couldn’t offer what Cece had. He did seem genuinely thankful, but his experience of watching the Adept devour Jake, left him jaded and angry.

The party split all of their treasure to date, each receiving:
657gp, 5sp, 3cp

Scene #1.2.e (The Plump Pig)
xp: none; Treasure: none;

The party was relived to be back in the tavern and feeling familiar. Abbie as well was happy to see them and bought them all a round of drinks. They were resolved to head back down, Giles’s friends still needed resolution. But before they were going back, they were going to be better prepared. Healing potions, kits, and masterwork weapons, armor, and equipment were on the shopping lists.

The scene closes nearly as it began, with Lyra and Lorran playing a tavern game while Thifal looks on disinterestedly; Haloisi absent-mindedly summoning water into her cup; Nisa warming by the fire; and Axiomus recharging in sleep.


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