Legends of Moonsong City

A Saving Grace

Another day, another boring battle, I thought to myself as I looked out over the corpse-strewn battlefield. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to do during the battles, it’s just that it was the same thing over and over again. “Max, help me! I have a big hole in my chest.” Or my favorite. “Max, heal all of us, were feeling a little woozy.”

Whenever I got really bored in battle I’d whip out my gleaming mace of destruction and wade into battle. There were only two outcomes to this approach. The first was, faced with a snarling nasty terror that deserved the righteous smiting of Bahamut, I would miss horribly. Sometimes I would miss so bad I’d pull a muscle in my lower back (the mace was kind of heavy). The second thing that would happen is that everyone would dive in front of me (they called it “saving me”) and I would be back where I’d began. Behind everyone. Healing everyone.

An alarm went up, breaking my up my pity party, as a creature made a break for the portal followed by Arnie, Arabella, and Tifa. Maybe I’ll hit something, I deluded myself, as I caught up with the pursuit. Before we’d had a chance to discuss that it was a stupid idea to go through the rift, we were already through it (Horde of Moron’s indeed) and into some mad man’s idea of a giant machine. The rhythm of combat began as weird mechanical Kobold’s attacked from all directions. A Lich, which is what we’d been chasing, was pulling levers and pushing buttons of the monster machine when it happened. The mace, which I kept around mostly for show, felt dead in my hands. At first, I thought that one of my pathetic attempts to smite evil had finally gone so badly that I’d broken the mace but my spells were dead too. In fact, the feeling of my close personal relationship with Bahamut was also gone. The change was so sudden and so complete that I mostly just stood there looking into space. I was safe, because as usual, everyone was protecting me.

After a few moments, Arabella came up to me and asked for my mace and shield. These I gave up willing because it seemed like the right thing to do. Arabella handed me a satchel of scrolls and pearls that I instantly understood what they did and what they were for. Power and knowledge coursed through me, not the gentle peaceful power of a caring Bahamut, but a wild chaotic power that wanted to destroy. I’m not sure how, but I harnessed the power and started to direct it at my foes. This time, nobody stepped in front of me, if anything they moved away from me.

As the Lich sank into the cracks of the floor, he chuckled “I was the only one that could change you back.” I wanted to scream in joy “I don’t care”.



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