Light of Pelor

Holy man of Pelor


Works for the First Light of Pelor in Light’s Edge.

Took a shine to Thifal Magadukr as a fellow holy man. Advocated and helped get Thelonius raised after an unfortunate incident with a bullette.

We could certainly use more of that. I think sometimes these people pray just to hear themselves. They do not always remember the true meaning of devotion.

With Pelor’s help and light, I seek to bring out the truth, I find that speaking truth is the fastest way to blessings. Pelor deplores the shadows.

I wish to know if what you wish to keep from me is something that I would disapprove, or something that would threaten me. I have taken a liking to you Master Dwarf, and have decided to believe your answer, whichever it might be.

You do not see it as well as perhaps I do, being an outsider. But I am blessed with Pelor’s light and he reveals all. You have risked much to be here. You have clearly suffered that you’ve come to our city. You bring a member of your company who has passed on. Let this hurt go. You have been bonded for the glory of Pelor. Do not fight his blessing or his will. Find peace this evening friends. So that the journey ahead might not be as difficult.

Light of Pelor

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