Kantish the Disgraced


Some things that some people think they know…. The wording is deliberate. Not all of these things are necessarily true.

Axiomus: (Good roll on planar check as I recall; Magus)
The demon is held by the leach.
The demon’s powers are significantly reduced by the leach. It can’t leverage all of it’s supernatural abilities to their greatest extent.
It’s natural physical prowess is certainly still available to it if it was freed.
Killing the demon on this plane just sends it back to it’s own. There would need to be a ritual to permanently extinguish it.
The demon is acting essentially as an arcane battery to power the ship’s levitation.
The demon has powers of damage reduction against good, electricity, poison and fire.
The demon can grant a wish on a very limited time basis
It has some sort of telepathy.
The leach isn’t a creature, it’s a device. Is that a crystal at the heart of the device?
The magical bonds holding the demon will be stronger than a casual attempt will be able to sever.

Thifal: (Archaeology as a profession; Cleric)
The ship is impossibly old. It’s made of a type of wood that doesn’t exist anywhere near here now. You guess it might actually date back to before the desolation.
The ship has clearly been well taken care of and was built by master craftsmen.
The elf, Blossom, gave it up awfully easily.
The bonds holding this creature don’t seem strong structurally, but there is a magic at play that you would guess will resist sundering by turning the power of the attack against the attacker.
Not sure even Fletcher could hurt this thing.
Grudge is unhappy with this demon; but it’s not undead, so you don’t know if Grudge will grant its full undead slaying power to kill it.
You need to kill this demon.
Haloisi: (Bardic knowledge; intense focus on learning new things)
Demons are immortal.
This demon is promising all sorts of secrets for freedom.
The demon is really angry with the elves.
The ship had more than one locked area.
Lyra isn’t down here with you.
The charms were a conduit to siphon your life force and arcane power to the demon to sustain it. If that’s true, how long has this demon been powering this ship?
Have all of your companions dropped their charms? Is it better to wait until those effects wear off before you act? Could you steal some alone time with the demon to get at some of its knowledge before Thifal finds a way to banish it? Or god forbid, he tries to kill it.
How do those bonds work? Why doesn’t it free itself?
Lyra: (Loves to explore on her own)
Your companions are talking to something.
There are at least three other ways down that they haven’t opened yet. One has a fairly sturdy lock on it. The other two are just barricaded with barrels.
Kazier is frickin’ pissed.
Charn will likely only be able to eat one or two elves before he gets full. You’ve positioned the tied up survivor so that he can watch Charn work.
Thelonius will probably notice if you try to get to one of those areas.
Thelonius: (Patient observer (out of combat anyway))
Lyra looks nonchalant.
Kazier is frickin’ pissed.
Charn looks excited.
Your companions are talking to something otherworldly, and they feel threatened by it as they didn’t immediately act.
Flecther: (Defender; will spring into action if his friends are threatened)
Holy crap that demon is big.
I can take it, if I get some good licks in and my sword activates.

Kantish the Disgraced

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