Lizardfolk Hero


Strong and with a noble bearing, Charn is the former chief of the Sharptooth tribe. He allowed his tribe to turn on him and drive him out in order to appease The Ghost Who Drowns and save his tribe. He took up residence near Bear’s Landing, where, out of boredom he decided to be a guide for the Legends.SIH heroes. It was probably time as even though he tried hard to only eat goblins and Poppa‘s stew, the people of Bear’s Landing were a little nervous about him. Especially when he suggested that it would be easier to take care of some of the orphans in the orphanage if the townspeople sold the rest of them as livestock to the lizardfolk.

His adventures with the Legends.SIH heroes has bonded him to them and he now feels that he owes them his life and sees them as being responsible for the freedom given to his tribe. He’s still a little caught up in hero worship over Bildge, but the heroes are hoping to eventually convince him that a god who tells you you should be happy she’s only eating part of your tribe isn’t that great of a god.



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