Halfling (Companion to Lyra)


Bolger the halfling is the Half-Pint and undisputed leader of the Three Halves “gang”. Sharp of mind and sharper of tongue, Bolger is the faceman of the group. He has a remarkably deep voice for a halfling, which usually draws a crowd when perched on a barrel or crate.

Bolger is a master of languages, he is snarky and quick-witted in all but the most high-class of dialects. He has taken it upon himself to teach Lyra as much as he can. In return, the half-elf plays the role of the dupe in various cons, volunteering for the gamble and “winning” in order to bait a real mark into stepping up.

He has been life-long friends with Harvo the dwarf, on whom he relies to perform the deft maneuvers and sleight of hand necessary to fool a crowd from multiple angles. The duo are currently spending a stint in prison after a con gone wrong. Bolger tends to go on long-winded soap box rants about true morality and how Lyra and Harvo are too nice for their line of work… though he usually picks a mark that deserves some karmic justice. Or has a mustache.

Bolger won’t…stop….talking…. ever. It is rumored the cell guards at the local jail have had two recent hires quit out of sheer annoyance with the talkative inmate.


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