Legends of Moonsong City

Sometimes the Fight Picks You

The heroes continued to mourn the loss of Sven. Milo began to hear tales of a small girl who had been asking his street urchins about him. Sensing a trap, Milo began to search out this little girl as she seemed unwilling to come to him.

After encountering the girl on a street late at night, he immediately sensed that something was amiss. The girl had a demonic visage, and attempted to get him to chase. Not falling for that trap, Milo instead gathered his friends to see if he could again encounter the demonic girl.

Success led to Arnie charging into a bar crowded with people, enchanted both with and by a human female singer. The girl was somewhere within. Arnie swam the crowd towards the singer, feeling something was amiss. He was strong enough to push his way through, but the crowd was also tight, and he didn’t wish to harm them.

Until the singer placed her gaze on him and attempted a magical attack of some sort. Arnie, enraged, began to charge the stage. The crowd, either unwilling or not noticing the initial attack, immediately turned on Arnie, as he attempted to get to her. “Save ”/characters/helen" class=“wiki-content-link”>Helen!" the crowd roared out, and Arnie found himself now surrounded by a sea of innocent people who didn’t fully understand the circumstance.

It didn’t get better. The girl had reappeared in the crowd, and smashed a small wooden box. Out of the box, sprang a number of shadows. The undead looked hungrily on the crowd, as the shadow demon leaped out of the previous controlled little girls body and attempted to possess Arnie. By the grace of the gods, the giant man who could slay handfuls of people with his bare hands was not taken by the demon, and a battle ensued instead. A few members of the crowd were killed by the shadows and rose quickly as additional shadows, but Maximus was able to contain and destroy most of the foul undead.

The last standoff occurred between the party and Arnie. He wished to end the witch’s life, but was eventually persuaded to stand down.

The party tracked down the shadow demon, heading into the undercity to seek it out. In a close battle, they were able to defeat the shadow demon, although not without cost. Tifa, rent by the shadow demon’s lust for blood, was consumed by the shadow and rose again as an undead. Luckily, the party was able to subdue this perverted form of Tifa, and headed back to the surface to attempt to restore her to life.



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