Legends of Moonsong City

Enter the Hunter

Milo Ambergrass has made many friends in The Flats and he is now being sought out by the various commoners who don’t have the ability to solve their own problems or the cash to hire mercenaries. A farmer convinced Milo to take his band to his farm. A pair of ogres had been shaking down the poor family and Milo’s heart was touched and agreed to take on the work for some vegetable pies that the farmer promised his wife would make.

The rest of the band was not as happy with Milo’s choice in missions as perhaps the farmer was.

The ogres were quickly dispatched, but the party noticed that they had been watched by a large wolf. They attempted to give chase, but even Arnie was not fast enough to catch the giant beast. After tracking it with their new companion druid they settled in.

It was then that Milo began to feel uneasy. Something unnatural and evil was tracking him. By concentrating hard enough, he could localize it to a very faint apparition of the torso of an armored man in chains. The apparition could communicate crudely by answering some yes or no questions. It was through this they deduced that the hunter was coming for them.

It attacked that evening, with skeletal champions and wolves. The party struggled with armor and being tripped by the wolves, leaving themselves open for punishing attacks by the skeletal champions. Throughout the battle, the hunter rained in ethereal arrows that would materialize once they struck flesh. Arnie attempted to run down the hunter, but he used his apparitions to sight in the party, attacking from impossible ranges and without showing himself.

The party returned to town, where they discovered the apparitions doubling them had now doubled. One on Milo and one on Arnie.

Unable to determine a reasonable course of action to either force a confrontation or escape the surveillance, the party hunkered down in their favorite watering hole, Drunken Priest.



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